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This post is all about plus size sweaters. Sweaters can be HARD! Not only can the material add bulk to your shape, but figuring out how to pair them with pants or skirts can be challenging. I’ve definitely resorted to just throwing a random pair of jeans on and running out the door but I’ve finally figured out a few tips and tricks to wearing sweaters to make me feel really confident!

My Plus Size Sweater “Rules”

It starts with picking a good sweater. When I’m choosing a sweater I like to think about neckline, shape/length and material. These three things make a huge difference in how a sweater will actually look on your body.

My preferred neckline is a v-neck, but I don’t discriminate from wearing other necklines. I think v-neck is the most flattering option but for certain situations I also love a crew neck, cowl neck, mock neck, and off-the-shoulder options. When wearing a less flattering neckline (like a mock neck!) I try to elongate my neck with jewelry and focus on showing off my shape with a pair of high-waisted pants or a skirt!

When buying plus size sweaters, I pay special attention to the shape and length. I try to avoid sweaters that are really boxy or fit more like a sweatshirt where they are really loose in the waist but more fitted in the hips. I try to go for styles that are fitted and show my natural waist or sweaters that I can tuck into a pair of high-waisted pants or a skirt. For comfort, I love a tunic length sweater that I can wear with a pair of leggings. In this case, I’ll just look for something that covers my tush and sometimes add a cropped jacked to draw attention to my waist but often just let it hang loose and bask in the comfort of the outfit!

Lastly, I think about material. I love the look of really chunky knits but often go for something a bit smoother and thinner. One trick if you have a bulky sweater that you want to tuck into your pants or skirt but want a smoother look is to tuck your sweater into the bottom of your bra! This will leave the top of your pants or skirt laying smoother but still give you that cropped look. I also really care about the feel of my sweaters so I always go for really soft comfortable fabric!

Without further ado, lets get into some of my favorite sweaters for this year!

My Favorite Plus Size Sweaters

  1. Navy V-Neck Sweater

If you don’t already have a classic v-neck sweater, get one! This one is fitted, has a flattering neckline, and the material is really soft. This can easily be dressed up or down with jeans, pants, or a skirt.

2. Tunic Length Cardigan

I wear cardigans year round but this is definitely one of my favorites. Not only does the style elongate your body, its very soft but still has a nice weight to it. Pair with leggings or skinny jeans and a tucked in tank or teeshirt.

3. Cropped Casual Sweater

Cropped sweaters are big this year and for good reason! They are so cute and feel really effortless. Pair your cropped sweater with some high-waisted denim and a pair of sneakers for a comfy everyday look.

4. Off The Shoulder Sweater

In the winter it can be hard to show a little skin but I think an off the shoulder sweater is the perfect option for a fun dinner out or holiday party. This black option would look great with a skirt or some nicer pants. I paired it with a pair of black skinny jeans for a mono-chrome look.

5. Cowl Neck Sweater

If you want to be cozy but still professional, I love this cream cowl neck. Its soft and comfortable, but has a really nice shape to it. It would look great with dark jeans or a pair of cropped work pants (like these!)

Mock Neck Sweater | Skirt | Flats

6. Mock Neck Sweater

For an ultra chic look, try a mock neck sweater! I got this lightweight black sweater and paired it with a high waisted pleated skirt. I fitted nature of this sweater and that its pretty thin so it fits nicely tucked in.

7. Tunic Length Sweater

For the comfiest winter outfit, try a tunic sweater. I paired this with some lululemon align leggings and a pair of booties. This might not be the most flattering option, but I still think it has a place in your closet. Trust me, you’ll find yourself wearing this outfit lots during the winter. This particular sweater is very soft too!

Other Sweaters I Love

Amazon Sweaters

Talbots Sweaters

American Eagle Sweaters

Nordstroms Sweaters

Thanks so much for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at

This post is about Plus Size Sweaters.


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