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About Carla

Hi there, I'm Carla. I'm a 25-year-old video content creator. I'm passionate about capturing life on video because to me, it's the only way to relive your favorite moments. I've lived through some tough experiences, especially losing my younger brother unexpectedly, that have shaped my view on life and given me a perspective on capturing joyful moments. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Max, and love spending time with him fixing up our new home. 

I own Carla Elizabeth Studio where I serve incredible couples with heirloom wedding films. I love that I get to work for myself, but I have a talented sister turned business co-founder, Emily. She runs Emily Belson Photography and is the co-founder of our company, Sister Social Media. 

Most recently, I've grown passionate about sharing size-inclusive style and lifestyle content on my blog. I love connecting with other women and sharing my body positive journey. 

Meet Carla:

minutes drive to my sister Emily's house


trips to Lake Anna each summer 


years of dating before I married my high school sweetheart


Growing (or trying to grow) your own food is such a fun challenge! Fresh flowers are an awesome plus, too! 


Five minutes down the road or a five hour flight, I love to experience new places, especially with my husband, Max. 


My journey to body confidence wasn't easy, so now I love dressing my curvy shape with easy, everyday style.

Curvy Style

The moment the couple comes down the isle together, finally married. That is pure joy. 


What I love Most:

It all started when my sister got a Macbook computer for college. Armed with  iMovie, a camera, and a creative imagination, I started capturing our family vacations to Lake Anna. Then, when my sister's best friend got married, my sister convinced me that I should be the videographer. All at once, capturing wedding days became more than just getting footage for the couple. It was about documenting the joy. My love for video grew into capturing talented entrepreneurs and their brands to tell their story. Now, I'm excited to start telling my own. I'm sharing what I've learned about loving my body and treating myself with kindness on my YouTube channel and blog. 

We all know life is fleeting, but from someone who lost a brother far too early, I can truly say that video is the only way to capture a moment and save it forever. 


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A few years after college, I made the very hard decision to quit my full time job and began working for myself full time. Being my own boss has given me opportunities I would have never dreamed of. I started another business, Sister Social, with my sister, Emily Belson. Each day, we get to chase our dreams while working alongside each other. 

As the daughters of entrepreneurs, we know the day-in-day-out challenges that working for yourself can bring. We wanted a way to help small businesses share the incredible things they are doing through compelling photos and videos. We love getting to capture growing businesses and entrepreneurs in every stage and help them share their talents with the world. 

But It wasn't always easy...

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For years I've been working hard behind the scenes to live a more authentic life. With the help of therapists and dietitians, I've grown to love the body I have and embrace my true self for the first time. I've seen this change empower me to take risks I normally wouldn't have and find happiness I didn't know I could have. For the first time in my life, I truly feel like I have real freedom. 

I want to share that feeling with everyone! I decided to start a blog to share my top tips for letting go of society's expectations for you so you can truly live your values. I'll share my favorite ways to dress a curvy body, the books I'm getting lost in, my favorite weeknight recipes and much, much more. 

Starting a Blog...

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Drinking a margarita outside

Best way to unwind:

Have friends over for dinner

Favorite thing to do when I'm down

Loft, Target, or Nordstrom

My favorite places to shop: 

When the groom sees the bride

My favorite part of a wedding is:


Current Favorite TV Show: 

Portugal - it's beautiful

My favorite place I've traveled: