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My closet was overflowing so I decided to enlist my organizational queen sister, Emily, to help me get it under control! She showed me her favorite method and my closet is finally back to a manageable size, making it quick and easy to choose an outfit each day.

We filmed the experience so you can watch it here!

The Method

First, I made my bed for a blank space to complete this.

Second, I started pulling out my favorite pieces. The things I reach for day after day. I thought about what I wear in a normal week and started laying it out on my bed by category (jeans, leggings, shorts, tees, etc.)

The only rule was that I have to feel great in it right now.

As I grabbed items from my drawers, closet, and laundry basket, I thought about how many of one category I need for a normal week or so in my life. How many pairs of leggings is enough? As I took the time to think about how much of each thing I actually needed, I laid out my most favorite items until I got to that cap number. In some categories, I had fewer favorite items than I may have thought I “needed,” and in some categories I had too many options.

As I picked items, I found it really easy because I was just grabbing the things that I already always reach for. The things I always pass over for whatever reason stayed in their drawer. Once I got through all of the categories, I saw it all laying on my bed and it weirdly felt like all of my clothes were there because in front of me were all the things I *actually* wear time and time again…

I was astounded by the number of items still in my drawers and closet. With everything left, I put it into three categories: sell on Poshmark or donate! I ended up with three trash bags full of donations.

I cannot express how refreshing it felt to put only the things I feel great in RIGHT NOW into my drawers. Don’t we all deserve that? To open our closet and see only options that make us feel great? Things that elevate our mood because they are the comfiest, most flattering, most “us” pieces we can show up for life in? I’m such a big proponent of taking good care of yourself, and a closet full of items you love feels like the perfect way to start your day. Whatever shape your body is at the moment deserves to be respected and cared for with clothes that fit it well.


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